Elloa & Nicky’s Reactions – Talk 4: Crown Crates

Hi Guys,

Today we are talking about Crown Crates!
Love them or hate them, it seems like they are here to stay.
In this article we discuss our recent experience of purchasing Crown Crates for the first time.

Now, it’s probably fair to see that both myself and Elloa saw ourselves as the type of people never to be sucked in by the shiny allure of Crown Crates, they sit a little to close to gambling for us and we feel like it’s not the most honest way to make some money.
It’s worth mentioning at this point that we both fully support Zenimax in the goal of making money, they deserve to make money and we truly value their product , however we just think there are better ways of doing it ..just putting that out there.

In any case, for us Crown Crates were relegated to mere curiosities that other people succumb to…that was until the Wild Hunt mounts came out.
Neither of us can really say why, but it’s probably something to do with our mutual love of nature that made us want these mounts so badly.

Given the gravitas of the situation we thought we would each purchase 15 crates each and livestream the whole thing! (You can find the un-boxing video below)
To say our results were polarising is an understatement. Whilst I was extremely lucky getting 2 wild hunt mounts, 2 Hircine statutes and a whole load of consumables , Elloa was considerably less so, mediocre items and consumables .

I think it’s fair to say that this left a pretty bitter taste in both our mouths for different reasons.
Elloa’s simply because she wanted a mount so badly and mine because I wanted her to get one and felt terribly guilty for getting two!

The whole experience reinforced what we already knew to be true, gambling with real life money sucks, and given that we play games for fun they seem contradictory.
Personally we would rather see Zenimax release these epic mounts, and they truly are epic, probably the best designed in the game for a fixed amount of money. They can make them expensive if they wish, 6000? 8000? crowns, it really doesn’t matter. At least they then give people the choice. They pay the full price and get guaranteed their mount , or they take their chances at gambling.

We asked ourselves if we would ever purchase them again, and the answer was a pretty resounding no BUT…there’s always a but, we can’t be certain that we will keep true to this.
What if the next Apex mounts are even better? Will we hold our nerve? Who knows…and that’s the problem with these systems. They are addictive, and I fear people with a gambling problem might get lost.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!
Don’t forget to comment on the video above.
Do you buy crown crates? Did you get lucky?

– Elloa & Nicky

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