Decorating Tamriel Ep 6 – Crystal Garden

Hi all,

Welcome to the 6th episode of ‘Decorating Tamriel’

This episode we had the pleasure of visiting the home of Glaiceana.

Glaiceana had decorated the large Nord house located in Riften. It has a large garden area as well as a two storey house with balcony.
Where do I even start…this garden is quite simply amazing, there’s no other way to describe it. From the multitude of colours and moving shadows, to the tiny details you have to go looking for.

This is The Crystal Garden, there can be no other.
In some ways it’s a hard location to describe, because on first inspection it seems like a garden simply decorated with crystals…incredibly beautiful crystals yes, but it overwhelms you.
It’s only when you start to look deeper you see all the other painfully crafted details and thought that Glaiceana has put into this build.

I initially thought that the 2nd floor in her crafting room was part of the original house , it was so well made. I truly felt like a kid in a candy shop, eyes darting from one shiny object to another  with no end in sight.
The garden is full of quite distinct areas, from the large powerful Hircine statue that greets you when you enter, to the training dummy in the corner. And although they are separate , the same crystal theme carries through and gives a sense on continuance.

As some of you may be aware, I have a very serious soft spot for lighting and the effect it creates, and it’s this that ultimately makes this without doubt the most beautiful garden I’ve yet to see in Homestead, and we haven’t even gone inside yet.

The inside is more sparsely decorated that the outside, and that makes perfect sense given the item limitations of the home combined with the knowledge of the outside. That doesn’t mean it’s not well done though.
Throughout the inside you see reminders of the garden from where you came. Crystal fragments, although no longer the centre piece, still grace all the rooms.
The upstairs is fairly typical for what you would expect in a Nord home and aside from the aforementioned crystals , nothing stands out..and that’s ok because we still have the downstairs to go.

Glaiceana has again made something amazing, and whilst not on the scale of the outside… I simply love it.
In the centre of the room is a large table which is absolutely covered in different foods. It looks absolutely stunning, so vibrant and tasty even!

The large table , nestled close to the fireplace, adorned with a literal feast just draws your eyes in as soon as you enter, and the details don’t stop there.
The room also features a large trophy area, and even a little kitchen and food prep area.

Out of the few homes that we have visited so far, this out stands out and is certainly in the top 3 for me …so far.
There’s something about it that’s almost simple, but it’s just so damn effective.

Please check out the gallery below, because my words don’t do any justice for this build.

Huge thanks to Glaiceana for letting us look around and please check out the screenshots below.

– Elloa & Nicky