ESO News Live – 10/07/17 9PM CET

Hello everyone,

Nicky & Elloa are very happy to share with you our bi-weekly show ESO NEWS Live in English & French.
We wanted to create a informative, inclusive and interactive show to gather the whole ESO community to speak together about our favourite game, share the latest news, and promote the work of valuable members of our community.
Every other Monday, join us on TwitchTV for one hour of more of news and discussions. We usually end the night with a regular stream and some activities with our viewers in game.

Each show is structured as such:

  1. News (in English and French) We gather all news related to ESO from the furthest corners of the internet, and summarise it into short bites. This includes official news, such as ESOLive, and community news.
  2. Q&A (in English and French) This is the perfect moment for you to interact with us. We do our best to answer all questions and to have a chat directly with you.
  3. Finally we discuss in depth about a subject related to the news. We love when you interact with us and participate to the talk. For more clarity, we leave the chat visible on the video

For each episode we will stand in a location in Tamriel, and we invite you to photobomb us during the show!
We will also do one giveaway after the Q&A.Giveaway which will be different each time.
Each episode will be pushed unedited on YouTube if you missed it.

Why this concept?

We have explained the concept of this show several times on Twitch or YouTube. In case you missed it, here a written explanation.

Elloa has been doing the ESO News episode regularly both in English and in French for several years. And while she was very satisfied with the format, and it was one of her most successful series in term of viewership and comments, it was also demanding too much work and time both in preparation and editing. This left her unable to produce other kind of content.

When Nicky and Elloa revamped the channel, with new graphics, new series and even more projects in preparation, she had decided to drop this series completely to focus on other things.

It’s only later that we came up with the idea of an interactive show on TwitchTV rather than heavily edited videos on YouTube.  As she also produce French content, and there is little shows or content for ESO in French, we though it would be possible to combine both at once and gather the whole community together. This was the trickiest part though, as we do not want people to get bored during some of the sections.

We have experimented a bit, discussed a lot and listened to feedback. We are happy with the formula that we have now, and we will refine it, polish it, modify it step by step. We believe it’s a show that will be pleasant to watch for a good part of the community, and most importantly we have lots of fun doing it.

We hope to see a lot of you joining us every two weeks for the show live on TwitchTV, or on YouTube if you can’t make it. Your feedback, and support are always very much appreciated.

Thank you for reading. Take care of yourself!

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