Coldharbour Luxury Furniture Vendor – 12th May 2017

Hi Guys,

This post will be updated weekly with a list of the items for sale at the Coldharbour Luxury  furniture vendor.

You can find the luxury vendor, Zenil Theran inside Cicero’s Goods which is opposite the Bank in the main city of Coldharbour, The Hollow City.

He only appears on the weekends (Saturday 02:00 GMT, 03:00 CET until 12:00 Monday GMT, 13:00 CET), his inventory rotates and generally follows a theme.

Weekend beginning – 12th May 2017

Sorry guys! Another week with Torture Instruments! I apologies to not showcase any of those items but I’m not going to waste the precious gold Nicky and I are farming to purchase awful torture furniture. If you are into that kind of stuff, or want to build your very own Horror Dungeon, fair enough. I let you imagine how those awful things look like. Here are the prices. The Torture Wheel represent a third of the money Nicky and I have together. Just to give you an idea…

Elloa – the – carebear  ( I think I just found my Warden name)