Decorating Tamriel Ep 6 – Crystal Garden

Hi all, Welcome to the 6th episode of ‘Decorating Tamriel’ This episode we had the pleasure of visiting the home of Glaiceana. Glaiceana had decorated the large Nord house located in Riften. It has a large garden area as well as a two storey house with balcony. Where do I even start…this garden is quite simply amazing, there’s […]

Decorating Tamriel Ep 5 Deltia’s Chateau

Hi all, Welcome to the 5th episode of ‘Decorating Tamriel’ In this video we take a beautiful tour of the Ebonheart Chateau owned by the one, and only Deltia.    Ok guys… So this was a little silly April’s fool video, or at least it started off that way. We thought we’d get Deltia in a […]

Decorating Tamriel Ep 4 Earthtear Cavern Review

Hey Guys, Welcome to another Decorating Tamriel episode. This time around we are checking out the newly released ‘Earthtear Cavern’. Earthtear Cavern, situated in the Western part of Craglorn is an old Ragada ruin sculpted in one of the numerous natural caves of the area. The Cavern is particularity large, and is sandwiched by two […]

Decorating Tamriel Ep 3 Small Rooms & Small Pockets

Hi Guys, Welcome to our 3rd episode of Decorating Tamriel. Given our experience with Homestead since it’s release, it quickly made sense to us to create an episode where we could show off what was truly possible and achievable for a new player. It’s all well and good making these grandiose mansions, but realistically most […]

Decorating Tamriel Ep 2 Player House Tour

Hi all, Welcome to the 2nd episode of ‘Decorating Tamriel’ As this is the first house visit we have made, I wanted to give you a bit of background on the format, it’s pretty straight forward but none-the-less; Introduction to the series and episode. Raw first impressions – This portion is recorded unfiltered and unedited. […]

Decorating Tamriel Ep 1 Gardens

Hi all, Welcome to our first episode of ‘Homestead – Decorating Tamriel.’ In this series we aim to give you tips, tricks and ideas on how to decorate your new shiny home in Elder Scrolls Online. Over the course of this series we will be taking suggestions from you on what projects we should work […]