ESO News Live – 10/07/17 9PM CET

Hello everyone, Nicky & Elloa are very happy to share with you our bi-weekly show ESO NEWS Live in English & French. We wanted to create a informative, inclusive and interactive show to gather the whole ESO community to speak together about our favourite game, share the latest news, and promote the work of valuable […]

First Time Data Miner

Hi All, So firstly, let’s get a big disclaimer out of the way; This is my first time trying this, and ultimately I may not know exactly what I’m doing 😀 You may even find that some of these items aren’t new at all, it’s possible that I completely missed the release of them, or […]

ESO News – 12 April 2017 Anniversary, Closed Beta & Morrowind

  ESO News 12 april 2017 ——————————————– 1: 3d Anniversary 2. Closed Beta 3. Morrowind infos 4. ESO+ 5. WildhuntCrown Crates 6. Crown Store 7. ShoutOut ESO Official forums – 3d Anniversary, share your first day in Tamriel… ESO official website – Join ESO Free Play week… ESO official website – 3 Year […]

ESO NEWS – 28 February 2017 (Morrowind, Warden, Battleground)

  ESO NEWS inform you about the latest changes published by Zenimax such as patch notes, The Road Ahead, ESO Live and more. I try to gather as much informations and summaries them in short videos to not waste your precious time 😉 ESO NEWS, everything “The Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited” you need to […]