Hello everyone!

Welcome to our little Den on the internet!

Our aim for this website is to host, share and communicate new ideas surrounding our video series on YouTube and Livestream. We have many ideas and many projects. We are starting with The Elder Scrolls Online and Homstead related content and we will evolve from there.
Where this adventure will take us is still a mystery!

What I love most about Nicky is his gentleness to which he adds a good pinch of humour. He is not only kind with me, but with everyone in general.
This is something that attracted me right away.
His bright intelligence, vast and differsified culture, his practical mindset and creativity (that he denies to have) perfectly balance my more chaotic personality and I’ve discovered with amazement how easy and natural it was for us to work together!
For me this website, our video-series and our livestream represent much more than a hobbie, its the possibility to explore who we are together and mix our talents to build something joyous and happy that hopefully you will enjoy!

– Elloa

When I first stumbled upon Elloa’s YouTube channel, it didn’t take long for me to quickly become enamoured by her charm.
I was instantly drawn to her kindness and the way she treats others, it’s a rare thing to find such consideration on the internet these days.
If I’m honest, even back then (about 3 years ago) I must admit I did have a bit of a crush.
I wouldn’t have imagined, or even dared to imagine that one day I’d have the privilege of being her boyfriend, her partner and her companion.
You see, I wanted what I couldn’t find. Someone who I could be completely open with, someone who understood what I was feeling, and someone who wanted to live and love just as I do.
I’m not sure even now what I did or didn’t do to be so lucky.
She is the perfect balance to my mind, my emotions and my life. She is the beautiful , creative and brave person that I am not.
She is prepared to do anything for a friend, and if I knew nothing else about her…that would be enough.
For Elloa to share her YouTube and Twitch life with me is incredibly touching, I’m honoured that she wants to share her life with me.
This website represents a partnership, not only in work, but in life and love. Sharing each other’s ambitions, helping one another, loving each other.
No imbalance, perfect symmetry, where everything we do no matter what it is doesn’t matter, as long as we are together.

– Nicky
The content you will see regularly on this website:

  • Decorating Tamriel, a serise of videos related to everything Homestead. Tips, trick, ideas. Challenge and showcase of our own work. Showcase of players House and creations. And much more…
  • ESO News, a series of videos where Elloa gather and summary all news and information related to The Elder Scrolls Online
  • Elloa & Nicky REACTIONS, a short podcast where we discuss hot topic of the gaming world
  • Softly Spoken Stream upload. Did you missed our last relaxation stream? Past episode are uploaded on YouTube for your convenience.

You can see us Live every Monday and Wednesday from 9pm to 12am (CET) .

We do a regular or Adventure stream, followed by the relaxation stream. We may sometime unexpectedly go live when we are in a mood of sharing our adventures with you!

Follow us on Twitch or join our Discord server to stay informed.

Thanks everyone, exciting things are coming!