Hi All,

So firstly, let’s get a big disclaimer out of the way;

You may even find that some of these items aren’t new at all, it’s possible that I completely missed the release of them, or perhaps they have already been data mined by some experienced person.
You also need to realise that most of the information here is nothing but speculation on my part, and may never see the light of day.

As this can be quite time consuming, I’ve decided to keep the text to a minimum, after all , it’s just guesswork on my part.

Crown Crates

Following on my my last Data Mining post, I found these mounts which have been leaked before I know. It’s unclear if these will be the mounts in the Dark Brotherhood crown crates…but you never know.

Maybe I missed the memo, but I also found this crown crate ‘reward’. A premium banker (the file is called ‘crowncrate_cardillo_bankerpremium) , again it’s unclear what it’s purpose is, maybe a banker assistant that also allows you to access your guild banks anywhere? That’s my thought at least.

I have found an arena called ‘Murkmire’. It seems to be a battlegrounds style map covering two levels, with an exterior and interior.

I realise that Horns of the Reach will be hitting the PTS any day, but I thought I’d share these none the less.

A complete map of Bloodroot Forge

And a load screen for the upcoming Clockwork City


EDIT – I just snooped through some of the PTS files.

Thanks for reading guys, I hope some of you found this at least a little bit interesting.