Hi All,

So firstly, let’s get a big disclaimer out of the way;

This is my first time trying this, and ultimately I may not know exactly what I’m doing đŸ˜€
You may even find that some of these items aren’t new at all, it’s possible that I completely missed the release of them, or perhaps they have already been data mined by some experienced person.
You also need to realise that most of the information here is nothing but speculation on my part, and may never see the light of day.

I’m a statistician by trade, I analyse data and create front end interfaces to turn it into something meaningful. I’m used to trawling through millions of numbers.
I’ve always been a nerd and very curious with this type of endeavour and I suppose it’s this aspect of me that thought…”Let’s give it a go”
I don’t expect I did it correctly, but I’m at peace with that, I learned something and found it interesting. A good day if you ask me!

I digress, let’s get on with the show.
So during my scouring I came across a few things that were new to me at least, I thought I’d share them. Whilst I may not be the most informed ESO player out there, I do try to keep myself up to date. It’s this that made me think that maybe others haven’t seen them too.

Crown Crates

The first thing I came across was related to Crown Crates, what’s interesting about this is the folder structure is very clear. As you can see the in screenshot below the folders are clearly named after each Crown Crate season. We had  Atronach, Wildhunt and our now current Dwemer season.
Wait a moment, what’s this.. ‘dbh’… Dark Brotherhood?

Inside the folder doesn’t reveal a great deal, it seems to be the textures for the back of the cards and also the crates themselves.

So will we get a Dark Brotherhood Crown Crate season next? We will have to wait and see.

The ‘Rewards’ folder also yields some interesting items. I know for a fact that some of these items have already been data mined but I’m sharing them regardless.


Given that my girlfriend is a ‘HUGE’ fan of costumes and personalities I think these may interest her.


I found this little guy too, he very similar to my Tuxedo Vvardvark, affectionately named ‘Ian’
Overall though, this is a different design. Maybe it was a test appearance, or perhaps we will see other variants in the future.


Not too much to see here. I did find a Pelletine Mustang and also a Fabricated Kagouti.

The mustang may not be new, but I’m not 100% on that. Some of you may recognise the fabricated Kagouti from the Halls of Fabrication trial. This file however is clearly named ‘mount_kagoutifabricant’ which would clearly suggest an upcoming mount!


During my exploring I also found a maps folder called ‘Battlegounds’ … guess what’s in there…

The interesting part though was a map called Colovian Crossing. Unfortunately this isn’t inside information on the upcoming ‘Arcane University’ .
This map was actually used during the launch of ESO to demonstrate some small scale PVP at trade shows.
So it’s not a new map…however does it’s placement in the battlegrounds map folder mean it may be brought over at some point?


Murkmire & The Clockwork City

I also came across some interesting meshes on my travels. I can’t really tell you how relevant these may or not be, but some curiosities are always nice.

We have some ‘Murkmire’ meshes as well as some fancy looking Argonian!

There was also a ‘Clockwork City Wall’ but this may have just been used in the Morrowind Clockwork City quest.


So that’s it this time!

I really enjoyed doing this, even if it is very time consuming. I feel it’s my duty to also warn other people considering data mining…it’s not all fun and games…”Here be Dragons”

You are just as likely to stumble upon horrific images like those pictured below.


Thanks for reading guys, I hope some of you found this at least a little bit interesting.