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Welcome to episode 11 of Decorating Tamriel .
Today we are taking a look at the latest home available with the new chapter : Morrowind.

Tel Galen is a Telvanni wizard tower located on a private island along Azura’s Coast. It is just south of Sadrith Mora.
It is limited edition and can only be purchased from the 15th-19th June 2017.
It’s classed as a notable home, so it allows;

Items : 350/700(ESO+)
Trophies : 40/80(ESO+)
Collectables : 5/10(ESO+)

The Telvanni build their high towers and then cover it with fungus, eventually making way to mushroom growth. Eventually the whole building is covered and little of what was remains. The size of the tower is directly linked to the status of the wizard growing it!

The mushroom tower is enclosed in a small walled garden at the front, and the back extends to include a larger area and docks.

Without windows, or any openings the inside can feel claustrophobic and dark, the mushroom itself invades every room like some horrific tentacle monster.

Tel Galen has limited use in our opinion, as I suspect most will find this home unattractive.
That said, there are some options such as very tall and interesting jump puzzles, a very interesting decorating challenge, or maybe…just maybe…you are a Telvanni roleplayer who has been after one of theses for a long time.

Whatever your eventual reason for buying this tower, it’s hard to deny that the included Telvanni furniture in the furnished version is very beautiful and plentiful and at just 2000 crowns extra it seems like a good investment…providing you enjoy the tower in the first place.

In conclusion , we can’t really recommend this house…Unless you have a very specific purpose for it, or you just like big lurking tumorous homes.

I honestly feel that it’s appearance is more akin to some cancerous growth than mushrooms.
Given that there is no natural light, the interior is also very dark, so even ignoring it’s outwards appearance you can’t really make the inside ‘pretty’
Well, technically you can, but you won’t be able to see it!

Again, I do have to mention that the included furniture is very nice, and so is the homes location and terrain.
Even the price is very reasonable compared to previous limited edition homes, but for me it’s just not enough.

What do you think of the ‘tumorous’ tower?

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Tel Galen Mushroom Tower