Hey Guys,

Welcome to episode 8 of Decorating Tamriel .
We have been given the privilege of having our NDA lifted on the new Morrowind BETA…so naturally we are going to check out the two new houses for you!

Our first home is Ald Velothi Harbor House, it’s located on the North west coast of Vvardenfell near Gnisis Docks. It can be purchased for 332,000g unfurnished. Unfortunately we won’t know the crown prices for the furnished version until release in June.
It’s classed as a medium home, so it allows;

Items : 200/400(ESO+)
Trophies : 10/20(ESO+)
Collectables : 3/6(ESO+)

For a medium home, Ald Velothi offer a generous garden with gentle incline. It includes a well, a small stable, a tree and large mushroom that can not be removed or placed elsewhere. This ensures the home will keep the native style of Vvardenfel, but also can restrict a builders imagination.
Inside, the layout of the rooms offer various possibilities of arrangement. It alternates a larger space that can be divided by the owner or left open, and smaller rooms.

Surrounded by a walled garden and the organic feel that House Redoran are known for is very aparant here.  Half Moon shaped, this house is built out of giant insect shell, giving it a unique aspect, almost blending into the surrounding nature. Inside, the house is separated in several stairs and small room, giving the tenant the opportunity to organise his household as it see fit. The interior offers a simple, but well designed layout that creates a very cosy and warm environment

Our next home is Amaya Lake Lodge is located on the south west region of Vvardenfell near Seyda Neen and Vivec City.
It can be purchased for 1.3m g unfurnished. And like the previous home we won’t know the crown prices for the furnished version until release.
It’s classed as a large home, so it allows;

Items : 300/600(ESO+)
Trophies : 20/40(ESO+)
Collectables : 4/8(ESO+)

With a simple glance, the visitor will recognise the Hlalu style of Amaya Lake Lodge, typical in the area and the nearby town of Balmora . Each line is broken with gentle curves, which give a softness and elegance to the manor.
A somewhat more ‘traditional’ feeling house, this large home is very refined. With multiple terraces, including direct access to the river, you are never short of breathtaking views. This home has multiple floors, in different shapes and sizes, and even includes an outdoor storehouse. The included small footbridge from the main entrance is a great avenue to your luxurious home.

The garden is spacious, and offers enough flat ground to use intractable objects in a decorated scenery,  Amaya Lake Lodge shines mostly for it’s interior.
This expensive refined home offers all the luxury one could expect, and gives many approaches for decorating. Inside the home, the included rooms offer good sizes for a multitude of options. Bedrooms, kitchens, storerooms, you are only limited by your imagination. Maybe one of them needs to be your trophy or treasure room, extolling your exploits to all that visit.
The delicate textures of the walls, the carved wood decorating the plinth, the glass work windows, these details alone make the home exquisite even when empty.

Both of the houses offered by the Morrowind chapter are beautiful and unique from previous offerings.
My favourite has to be the large Hlalu home simply because I love the lack of symmetry between the rooms. The multiple floors offer a great deal of flexibility when decorating. I also love the mushroom garden, and with the exception of some of the largest fungi, most can be moved if required.

Elloa’s favourite home of the two is Ald Velothi.  She loves the alien aspect of this bug shell shaped home, and the strange feeling of safety and cosiness inside, almost like being in an egg. The outside area is large enough to allow her to express her creativity as a gardener. Another aspect that really pleases her, is the positioning of the home itself. The view of the Vvardenfel  landscape on the top balcony is breathtaking. Cute and weird, cozy and fantastic, Ald Velothis is probably one of her favourite homes of the game and she certainly will purchase one at some point, for personal use.

What do you think of the two main homes in Morrowind? Do you have a favourite?

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Ald Velothi Harbor House

Amaya Lake Lodge