Hey Guys,

Welcome to another Decorating Tamriel episode.
Just released today we are taking a tour of the Grand Topal Hideaway tropical hideaway.

Grand Topal Hideaway is a remote island located off the coast of Grahtwood. It is the quintessential island paradise and comes themed with the Argonian style. This is a rather large property, and even then it’s dwarfed by the great belching volcano situated in the backdrop.
When unfurnished, the island is relatively barren, but still very beautiful. I welcome this, because it allows you a great deal more flexibility when purchased unfurnished, rather than forcing you down a particular decorating path.

Just like ‘Earthtear Cavern’ before it, it could be a perfect guild or RP hang out.

This island is a perfect distraction from the bustling and sometimes overpopulated areas of Tamriel, a place where you can unwind, and let your worries wash away in the salty waves as they embrace your feet.
Grand Topal Hideway is the ideal place to gather communities and guilds. It’s a little part of Tamriel just for you. Who wouldn’t want that? If coming unfurnished, the island is beautifully barren .

However sometimes a blank canvas is exactly what you need to see the big picture.

Unless you are REALLY into the Argonian theme, you might want to stick to the unfurnished option. I won’t dispute that the furnished option is a ‘good deal’ considering the items you get, but if you really have no interest in using that theme it’s ultimately pointless.

The great big looming volcano bellowing foul smoke into the air, the regular pouring of tropical rains, and those exotic Argonian buildings connected to each other by wobbly wooden bridges, this island is also a haven for adventurers. It will be your choice to shape it to your desire and dreams.

Aesthetics aside, let’s get serious here.
It’s expensive. Very expensive.

At 15,000 crowns (£65, €95 and $109*) unfurnished, and 18,800 crowns (£82, €119.50 and $136*) furnished, it’s fair to say that will make a decent dent in your wallet, and possibly your pride!
I can see those prices being ‘ok’ for a group or guild where each member contributes and maybe that’s what Zenimax is aiming for.

However, let’s be clear here, I love ESO, I have since I started playing during the beta, and even I must confess that I’m somewhat alarmed at the apparent cash grabbing I’m observing. From crazy expensive mounts, to Crown Crates, to ‘Chapters’ and now limited time only homes.
If I’m honest, I also question just how limited this home will be. One wonders if it will make a re-appearance somewhere down the line with a more ‘reasonable’ price, as I find it difficult to believe that with all the time and effort to make this location it’s only going to be available for 4 days..

Price aside, it is an amazing location, and even though this might sound like a contradiction, Elloa and I have purchased it (unfurnished) for an undisclosed project. What about you?

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*Approximate conversions at time of writing.

Grand Topal Hideaway