Hi all,

Welcome to the 5th episode of ‘Decorating Tamriel’

In this video we take a beautiful tour of the Ebonheart Chateau owned by the one, and only Deltia. 


Ok guys…

So this was a little silly April’s fool video, or at least it started off that way.
We thought we’d get Deltia in a video and speak to him in different languages and see how he responds whilst he gives us a tour of his home.

The truth is, we were actually pleasantly surprised by what he had done.
He freely admits that he hasn’t spent a great deal of time with Homestead, but I think we both went into this video expecting a garish display of statues and busts…and whilst he has some, (he is Deltia after all)  it’s actually pretty tasteful.

I guess this wasn’t so much of a real tour…BUT,  we do hope he invites us back when he’s had a bit more time to flesh out his home.

– Elloa & Nicky