Hey Guys,

Welcome to another Decorating Tamriel episode.
This time around we are checking out the newly released ‘Earthtear Cavern’.

Earthtear Cavern, situated in the Western part of Craglorn is an old Ragada ruin sculpted in one of the numerous natural caves of the area. The Cavern is particularity large, and is sandwiched by two waterfalls and a small lake. The temple itself is mostly destroyed. Tall columns are a reminder of ancient times, while some walls partially fallen leave the beauty of the Craglorn panorama discovered. Very little here is intact, eroded by time, with natures rich vegetation slowly taking its hold.

Earthtear Cavern is not your typical home, in fact , it doesn’t feel like a home at all.
Maybe that’s because , at least in my eyes, this location is more suited for a community hub, or guild housing.
The segmented , open aired feel of this location lack the expected cosiness of most homes, but that isn’t a bad thing.

This location is truly beautiful, even without decorations and I can see a modest sized PVE or even RP guild making great use of the space.

That’s not to say that you can’t go it solo, but if you decide to go this route we advise purchasing the furnished version over the unfurnished variant. It offers an amazing saving over purchasing the furniture separately.

The pre-furnished version of Earthtear Cavern gives you approximately 270 items already placed. It’s a great variety of furniture, vegetation and details. This is a good starting point for those who don’t have a specific vision going into this design as it leaves room for you to grow and tinker as you see fit.
If you were to purchase these furniture items individually from the crown store you would be looking at over 60,000 crowns!

We hope this video and short description gives you some insight into this interesting and very unique new home.

You can find a complete list of all the furniture that comes with the pre-furnished version here.

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Earthtear Cavern – Unfurnished

Earthtear Cavern – Furnished